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The Sovereign
Saturday, September 24th 10 AM:


The Sovereign is honored to once again host Cantillon's Zwanze Day on Saturday, September 24th. One of our favorite days of the year, we are humbled to join the best beer bars and breweries from across the globe in pouring Zwanze 2022!

As in year’s past, we will open our doors at 10 AM to presell tickets for pours of Zwanze 2022. We will begin serving Zwanze 2022 at 3 PM sharp, when we join the other Zwanze Day locations in a worldwide toast.

This years Zwanze is a two-year-old Lambic blend with black pepper. For this year’s beer, Cantillon worked with Sandrine from Misao: La Maison des Poivres in Brussels, Belgium. Eventually, they decided on a Congolese black pepper called poivre de Gorilles.

This pepper grows wild in the forests of the Republic of the Congo. Aromatic, but not too spicy, it blends beautifully with the refreshing acidity of Cantillon’s lambic. The result is a beer that will pair marvelously with meat or fish. The name poivre de Gorilles comes from the area where it grows, in the Likouala Forest, located in the northeastern region of the Republic of the Congo. This forest is home to a significant population of Lowland gorillas – a species in danger of extinction. For this reason, Cantillon will be donating a portion of the proceeds from Zwanze 2022 to Gorilla, an organization that works to protect these Great Apes.

The Sovereign will also feature the full lineup of official Zwanze Day drafts, along with a wide selection of Cantillon bottles pulled from The Sovereign’s private collection.

Last but not least, a limited amount of commemorative Zwanze Day shirts and glassware will be available while supplies last.

All Cantillon drafts will be available at 10 AM, except for Zwanze 2022, which will be served at 3 PM. There is no admission fee for this event. Zwanze tickets and seating will be available on a first come, first serve basis. The menu is subject to change without notice.

**Tickets available at 10 AM; Tapping at 3 PM**
- Zwanze 2022 (Lambic w/ Congolese Black Pepper)
**Tapping at 10 AM**
- Cuvee Saint Gilloise (Lambic w/ Fresh Styrian Golding Hops)
- Magic Lambic (Fruit Lambic w/ Raspberries, Blueberries & Vanilla)
- Saint Lamvinus (Fruit Lambic w/ Merlot Wine Grapes)
- Sang Bleu: Camerise (Fruit Lambic w/ Blue Honeysuckle Berries)
- Vigneronne (Fruit Lambic w/ Viognier Wine Grapes)